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For some people whisky is just a drink: an orange-coloured alcoholic beverage you drink from a small glass. There’s also a group of people who can appreciate whisky now and then. A glass of whisky with a nice cigar… Lovely! Finally, there’s a third type of people. People for whom whisky is a way of life. People who can unerringly tell a Scotch whisky from an Irish whisky. People who understand the distillation process into the tiniest detail. Ladies and gentlemen who know when they are holding a true whisky of remarkable quality. For people like that, Versailles Dranken is heaven on earth. If you know you’re a true whisky lover, you will find a store after your own heart waiting for you in the Lange Hezelstraat in Nijmegen.

But the home-shopper can also view and appreciate the exclusive whiskies Versailles Dranken has to offer. Take a look at our catalogue and make a selection. The whisky you order will be comfortably delivered to your home.

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    We proudly present our wide selection of exclusive whiskies.

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    At our tastings you can get acquainted with some of the most exclusive whiskies.

    Local Store

    In our beautiful and atmospheric store in the Lange Hezelstraat in Nijmegen, you can find bottles of whisky of € 15 and higher. We also offer specialty beers, delicious wines and various other licqueurs and beverages.

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